I8910SERII2 Firmware released. 3D task manager added!
3D task manager is now in firmware I8910SERII2

3D task manager is now in firmware I8910SERII2

Thanks to our forum member Digitalhell we had the chance to test I8910SERII2 Firmware today. This firmware is dated 3rd of September 09 so is brand new. While its localised for the Russian market, It is unbranded and contains English. (all i8910 firmwares have English in them by default) But this is the firmware people have been waiting for I think. The 3d task manager is now included and can be run by holding down the menu key. (See the screen shot above of the task manager)

What we can report on that’s new from our testing:

  • 3D task manager added, (Something the Italian IH* firmware promised)
  • Browser stop bug removed – This was present in IG2
  • Full landscape Qwerty keyboard has been slightly improved (a few mm’s more spacing) Its much better!!
  • Around 145mb free ram now. The new task Manager uses about 20 mb

The Official change log has been added here: Samsung i8910 Firmware i8910SERII2 changelog Thanks to  sev7en

I8910SERII2 Firmware screenshot gallery:

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