Samsung Omnia HD UK price £529.99
Samsung i8910 Omnia HD UK price set

Samsung i8910 Omnia HD UK price set

Uk Retailer has posted the 8GB Samsung i8910 Omnia HD with the price tag of £529.99 Sim free. (Unlocked) They also have the release date at the 25th of May. So not to far of the reported June release, perhaps online retailers will have it a week before the June release date? 529.99 is a modest price for such a full featured handset.

Source: (UK)

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  1. Omnia HD: ancora sul prezzo | Samsung Italia: il 16 aprile presenterà… : Spaziocellulare News Magazine
    March 31, 2009

    […] di e-commerce, del 25 maggio, anche questa più o meno in linea con quanto già sapevamo. (fonte: SamsungOmniaHDUsers; immagine: […]

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  2. Samsung Omnia HD am 25. Mai? |
    March 31, 2009

    […] In mehreren Internet-Shops ist das Samsung Omnia HD bereits gelistet und kann vorbestellt werden, auch Amazon Deutschland hat es bereits im Repertoire (wir berichteten). Bis jetzt schweigen die Shops jedoch beim Datum für die offizielle Veröffentlichung, auch Amazon konnte uns auf Nachfrage keine Antwort geben. Jetzt ist im englischen Internet-Shop als Datum der 25. Mai genannt worden und auch der Preis stimmt, mit knapp 570 Euro ist man dabei. Wer beim Ambassador-Wettbewerb teilgenommen hat, der bekommt das Gerät schon einige Wochen vor dem Release, vermutlich Mitte April, eine Antwort habe ich bis jetzt jedoch noch nicht von Samsung erhalten. via […]

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  3. James
    April 7, 2009

    I would like to ask if the omnia hd has an auto-rotating screen like the i900 omnia were you can even put it in a landscape on the main menus and the main frontpage by just tilting it?

    I am looking forward to your reply and i would be glad if you could send it to my e-mail ( aswell. Thnx…. – one of your avid web viewer.

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  4. Omnia
    April 11, 2009

    James, of course it will have that! It’s a “revolution” in todays phones and every phone will have accelerometer intergrated inside, some phones even have the digital compas that consists of accelerometer and gps

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  5. james
    April 26, 2009

    Hi in the UK will the Omnia HD be available on o2?
    Because I don’t think the original Omnia was

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  6. Gary
    May 6, 2009

    I so hope so

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  7. Adrian
    May 25, 2009

    It would seem that Play has now moved it’s delivery date to 26th June instead of the previously advertised 25th May. It would also seem that a lot of retailers are experiencing difficulty in giving an exact date even though it is in production and now part of the Orange network. (See for similar issues back in May).

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  9. luca
    September 24, 2009

    Hey! Nice job here! I’ll be dropping by from time to time 🙂

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