Samsung working on recorded Video audio

Samsung have today replied on the AMR audio codec issue people have been complaining to them about. Samsung are aware and the issue has been escalated to the correct people it seems, judging by BenM’s reply:

Hi st23, I’m here. We are a small team trying to do a million things, including trying to ship the DevPack to enable developers to write apps for the i8910HD, writing and testing example apps, trying to get API documentation into good shape, writing and commissioning tech notes and tech papers, helping out as Symbian Foundation prepares to go live, trying to run our forum as well as the overall developer programme, supporting our Core members to ship cool apps, trying to support the organisation to improve the maturity with which it deploys open platforms in handsets – and escalating and trying to get resolution for the issues that get reported through this forum and others.

Let me try to summarise this thread –

1. Some of you consider the i8910 broken because of its lack of support for AAC encoding in the Camcorder
2. Some of you find that problem annoying but not a showstopper because you value other features of the phone
3. Some of you have been starting to explore programming the audio and camera APIs
4. Some of you are so angry you can hardly control your anger

So what have we done?

– Escalated the AAC issue through the development team to understand the problem, through the engineering organisation to try to understand whether this is a defect or is by design, escalated through the management side to alert them to the need to plan for firmware updates, escalated through the management side to alert them to the damage this issue is causing

– Tried to answer your questions with as much information as we have, which sometimes is not very much at all

– Tried to hide our own frustration that our focus on developers is being diverted because of problems (like AAC and firmware update) that really don’t have much to do with enabling you to write cool apps!

Right now, there is no more information I can give on if, how, or when this problem will be resolved. But we are not ignoring it. As soon as we have something helpful to tell you, we will post it!


Source: Samsung Innovator Forums

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  1. What a Cool Guest
    May 31, 2009

    From what I have read from a more reliable source, Samsung mentioned that they aren’t going to “fix” the audio. However, I don’t think they aren’t going to fix it.

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  2. Gabriel
    May 31, 2009

    I don’t plan on buying this device right now, I can wait the next 2 months to see what happen. But I would love to see this fixed some time early, since I still have to sell my N95 8GB first.

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  3. shadowheart
    June 16, 2009

    damn they better fix it because i bought the phone just this week and thought N97 was’nt worth the wait

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  4. RayHVannah
    June 13, 2016

    What’s up, after reading this remarkable paragraph i am too glad to share my knowledge here with friends.

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