Firmware update i8910xxig2. Fix 720p audio to AAC
New Official update to fix 720p audio codec to AAC

New Official update to fix 720p audio codec to AAC.

Samsung will soon have a major official firmware update available for Samsung i8910 Omnia HD users, this update will bring us a much needed general update. Which will focus on improved battery life, general speed improvements, new widgets and new games and applications. But biggest fix of all for most users is Samsung will replace the AMR audio codec (which plagued the 720p audio) with a much better AAC audio codec.

As you can see from the media info screenshot above, taken by a German tester of the new firmware. The 720p video is at 24fps, while audio is now a AAC codec, 32000 Hz 16000 Hz, mono @ 512kbs 256kbs (bitrate). Which isn’t too bad. This should give us good audio quality.

Edit: We have since seen a video recorded on the new firmware. And the properties state:

Video: MPEG4 Video 1280×720 [Video]
Audio: AAC 16000Hz mono 256Kbps [Audio]

Download the sample to see for yourself: or

Interesting to note that its 2 channel, does this mean Samsung are not only using the Mic just above the camera lens (That’s the dedicated video mic). but also the microphone for voice calls too? To record stereo?

Samsung Omnia HD The development of new software version is complete. The quality checks, which are always performed for each new version, have been launched and will end within a week. Soon after, you can upgrade the terminal through PC Studio 7. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. We are confident however that the result will live up to expectations.

We think the update will be either i8910xxig2 or i8910xeig2

Thanks to cinek from our forums for the info.

We will post asap when we either have the update or the official update is live over the Samsung phone updater.