HD 720p Sample videos from I8910 Omnia HD IG2 – dayt

I’ve been waiting for some decent weather here in New Zealand to record some decent 720p sample videos for you all. Since you weren’t so happy with my audio test. Its not summer here so finding a good day was hard.

These videos were to A) Test the new AAC audio codec B) Prove to people that the phone records at stable frame rate, not 15fps as some other brand phone fanboys claim. I’ve seen that some people have been posting shocking HD video samples recorded on either slow memory cards that can’t keep up with the data write rates required. Or jerky video as they can’t or will not hold the damn phone still. Those videos do not correctly reflect the quality of 720p video this phone can produce. In fact some of them seem to be intentionally bad.

  • Please note these two videos were filmed on an overcast and dark day. (Blame New Zealand winters!)
  • Since this phone is a phone and not a HD camera it has no image stabilization. Hence any movements or shakes I make results in jerky video.No fault in low or poor fps by the phone as claimed by some users and review sites.

Video of a Cathay pacific Airbus A340 taking off from Auckland international airport. The day was overcast and quite dark. Time of the day was 1:40pm. Youtube does not do this video justice of course.

Sample 720p video IG2 Firmware – Tracking a passing bus. Testing the cameras FPS is stable when tracking a bus moving at aprox 70+ kmp/h. Background noise was some aircraft turbine engines. Airports are noisy!

Download the full 720p Mp4 video samples:

Airbus 340 taking off from Auckland International.

Bus passing at speed / Auckland International