i8910 Omnia HD Car Phone Holder user review

i8910 Car holder for GPS

Today I received my i8910 Omnia HD car holder. This is a car holder I brought from ebay, hearing only positive reviews from our i8910 HD User forum I decided get this car holder Vs the (expensive) Brodit holder.

The car holder come from Hong Kong and took over a week to arrive. I’m really surprised by this as the plastic is quite strong, its stable and the suction cup connection to the windscreen doesn’t move about at all. Very tight! The best thing is it holds the phone very well and there is no movement at all. You have access to all the phones button and even the camera is free to record your trip. As well as the 3.5mm phone jack if you can stereo has a 3.5mm stereo input.

I took this out for a spin on a quick 25 minute trip out near the airport. It worked flawlessly and as I said I’m very impressed with it. It can be used both vertical and horizontally. I prefer having it horizontal and it even makes the phone look more like a dedicated GPS unit rather than a mobile phone.

My i8910 looks more like a dedicated Garmin GPS unit here :)

My i8910 looks more like a dedicated Garmin GPS unit here 🙂

The holder hold the phone from the clips and the top and bottom, plus two lips on the side. The left and right loudspeakers and both free and not covered. The design of this is great, the only issue I have is that it might scratch the phone when placed in the holder and when removed. To fix this I decided to do a quick mod of the holder. Using some soft black insulation tape on the places where the phone is in contact with the car holder this removes any risk of scartching the phone. See my photo of this below. Its not as pretty but it works and least its black insulation tape. Not white!

i8910 Car holder for GPS 004

Quick mod: Black insulation tape to advoid any phone scratches.


Design: 9/10 – It has been designed well.

Construction: 8/10 – Made of solid plastic and holds the phone well. Very strong glass suction cup! However lacks some soft foam or rubber on the clips to help stop scratches.

Price: 10/10 – about 8 pounds delivery its a bargain!

Usability: 10/10 – Its small. Can be used both horizontally and vertically. All buttons are free an usable. Even the camera is free, an added bonus!

Overall: 9/10 – If it had some foam or rubber feat on the clips it would be 10/10.