Samsung i8910 Omnia HD Custom Firmware / Cooked Roms

i8910 custom rom

Many visitors of this site might not be aware that in our forums we have some real i8910 firmware pros. HyperX and Se7ven and just two members pf many, who have cooked up some spectacular Custom Firmware for you i8910s. After better photo qaulity? Or maybe better battery life and a faster more responsive phone? Even more free RAM vs a standard Samsung firmware.

Its possible, for a while I have been running HyperX’s speed build 1.25 which is a cut down firmware all the junk removed, jpeg photo compression reduced for better looking photos and this firmware is also very quick. Battery life is also good. I can manage over a week.

Just check out this video here of a custom Rom in action: HyperX’s Speed cook.

This firmware and many others are available here in our i8910 Custom Firmware / Cooked Rom section.

The firmware shown in the YouTube Video above is here