24 fps 720p video coming to i8910 HD thanks to Custom Firm

24 fps / 720p video made possible by HyperX and Wireless.

Thanks to the custom firmware master HyperX and wireless, our i8910 are finally going to see the 720p standard24fps. Not the 21-22 offered by Samsung’s official firmware releases. Wireless and HyperX have both worked hard to find a solution to the video frames per second issue. The savour coming from Sony’s Vivaz firmware files. While Sony’s new Vivaz mobile is running the same processor and similar hardware it does have a slight faster processor.

Nevertheless HyperX’s new custom firmware labeled HX-V3 will include 720p video @ 24fps at a constant rate. It will also feature better audio quality than the recent official firmware release.

Here is a sample you can download and test for yourself: HyperX HX-V3 video sample @ 24fps (43mb)

HyperX’s next firmware will include this 24fps video as well as all the other enhancements he adds to his firmwares. Which I must are are the best i8910 Firmware you can get for your i8910 Omnia HD

Source: HyperX

Also for those that don’t wish to wait for Hypers release can try UK-JB1 custom firmware 24fps fix by mwarner of our forums. This firmware has been patched with wirless’s 24fps 720p video fix. (24fps fixed frame rate video recording with 96KBit, 16KHz audio) Download that here: UK-JB1 custom firmware 24fps fix

Note: Remember to reduce the risk when flash please untick the boot flash option. If the boot sector is damaged your i8910 will be a shiny black brick.

Source: Forums – Mwarners UK JB1 24fps fixed firmware