New Ipod touch screen vs I8910 HD screen test.

Here is another test filmed today, the Ipod touch LCD screen Vs the i8910 HD. In this video we also see the web browser speed of each phone. The test shows the i8910 Omnia HD screen does better Vs the iphones I think. the white is whiter, when compared to the Ipod touch blueish white. Also the direct sunlight test, shows there isn’t much in it. The phones are about the same in direct sunlight.

Benchmark test: Samsung i8910 HD vs Nokia 5800 XM
Nokia 5800 Vs i8910 HD benchmark

Nokia 5800 Vs i8910 HD benchmark

– Nokia 5800 XM: Phone speed 264; Speedy speed: 269
– Omnia HD I8910: Phone speed 410; Speedy speed: 446

Jerz at my-symbian benchmarked this Samsung i8910 HD Omnia against a Nokia 5800 XM. This results show the i8910 HD is almost twice as powerful. But thats not all. Here’s what Jerz wrote about the test:

So the results are considerably higher for the Omnia. But it’s not just numbers. I could see the tests running MUCH faster on the Omnia, especially the graphic tests which were something like 10 times faster! 5800 compared to Omnia looked like if everything was in slow motion. The whole speed test lasted more than twice longer on the 5800… This means that poor results of benchmarks (and inability to run some of them due to “not enough memory”) are caused by a problem with the Java VM while your application’s speed test shows that the rest of the system works just fine and takes advantage of Omnia’s powerful CPU.

Source: My-Symbian