How to flash and debrand your Samsung i8910
Symbian ROM flashing tool, load your firmwware files in fields 1,2,3

Symbian ROM flashing tool, load your firmware files in fields 1,2,3

How to flash and debrand your Samsung i8910 HD – Samsung i8910 Omnia HD Debrand Tutorial.

Firstly in order to flash your i8910, you’ll need to be running windows XP. So its advisable to find a XP machine or a way to run XP. I’ve set up a dual boot Vista with XP on another partition for flashing my i8910.

Here are the following drivers and flashing program were going to use, please download these:

  1. Microsoft Msxml.msi
  2. I8910 Flashing drivers (Install all of these)
  3. Symbian ROM flashing tool 1.50
  4. Get the latest firmware from this thread in our forum: Latest Samsung i8910 Omnia HD Firmwares

Ok first off, install Microsoft’s MS XML, the Symbian ROM flashing tool will need this. Then install the i8910 HD Flashing drivers. At this point it might pay to reset your machine to insure the drivers install correctly.

Now assuming you’ve downloaded an extracted the latest i8910 firmware to your desktop, start the Symbian ROM flashing tool 1.50

Firstly a warning, before we flash the phone. Make sure its full charged. Please note that flashing your phone will void your warranty. Also do not disconnect your phone or power off your computer when flashing! Otherwise you will have yourself a nice shiny black brick.

Symbian ROM flashing tool, load your firmwware files in fields 1,2,3

Symbian ROM flashing tool, load your firmware files in fields 1,2,3

With the Symbian Flash tool 1.50 open, browser to your downloaded firmware files. As per the image above!

  1. Select the Code files first, open the folder marked CODE_I8910XXIE6 for example and select the CODE_I8910XXIE6.xml file.
  2. Now select the CSC Xml, browser to the download firmware folder CSC_I8910XXIE6 for example and select.
  3. Select the modem BIN file, normally in the root of the firmware folder or in Modem_XXIE7 for example.
  4. Now your i8910 needs to enter boot mode. Now with your phone off, hold volume up and the hold/menu button (right side top button), then the power button. Keep holding these 3 buttons down and you will enter boot mode. A blue screen. now connect your i8910 HD to your PC via USB.
  5. Finally number 5 should appear as Start download, begin to flash your phone. It takes about 5 minutes.

Depending on what firmware you flashed, it might boot up in Russian for example. Browse to the phones settings logo,(looks like a cog) then the personalise phone logo. Later look for a flag logo, thats the language setting. Find and select English and your phone will reboot. Done! Enjoy your free debranded and new firmware version.

*Note this is all free, We believe users should not have to pay to debrand or flash new firmware. None of the files used were sourced from paid firmware or debrand sites.

Project i8910 HD Debrand: Samsung i8910 HD Debranding
Samsung i8910 HD debranding. i8910 HD Product codes.

Samsung i8910 HD debranding

Were looking anyone that has i8910 HD unbranded firmware / generic i8910 firmware and the means to flash it to let us know. This way many users can flash the unbranded firmware if this wish debranding theirphones. Removing the operator’s logo’s and customisation, giving us the default applications too like facebook widget and social network upload features.

If you have any info on how to unbrand our Samsung i8910’s please let us know.