I8910 HD firmware update released – I891OXXIE4
Samsung have released their first i8910 HD firmware update

Samsung have released their first public i8910 HD firmware update.

Samsung have released their firmware update for the Samsung i8910 HD (Omnia), while its unclear what this firmware update has fixed its good to see that Samsung have already released an update for the i8910. And if the recorded audio codec has changed or improved? If the update is an unbranded / no operator logo firmware that’s just what us orange users will need, to start debranding!! 🙂 Speaking of which we are on a Quest to get the i8910HD product codes so we can change it, and reflash some unbranded firmware goodness. Get rid of the horrible Orange customisations which cause problems and slow the phone down.

More on debranding the phone soon!

This released firmware is: I891OXXIE4 18/05/2009 I8910

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I8910 HD current Firmware info.
Current Orange i8910HD firmware

Current Samsung / Orange i8910HD firmware

A few users have posted these print screens of the i8910 HD firmware, seems firmware i8910BVIE2 is the current release and I8910RAIE2 would be Orange’s custom firmware. Once we get hold of an unbranded / unlocked i8910 HD firmware and get the i8910’s product code we can start unbranding our i8910’s from Oranges horrible firmware!

The Samsung i8910 HD: Plenty of free Ram!

The Samsung i8910 HD: Plenty of free Ram!