Our Samsung i8910 HD impressions so far..
Our i8910 HD next to a N95-1

Our i8910 HD next to a N95-1

Its been a few weeks now since I’ve have had the i8910 HD, which was originally an Orange branded unit we debranded. So far I’m impressed with this phone. The phone is fast, don’t let the 5800 XT Music Express put you off Symbian S60 v5. There is no lag with the i8910 Omnia HD. Its touch response like the iphone. Just as fast.

Our i8910 has XXIE6 firmware installed, Orange as usual did a poor job with their firmware. Removing popular applications, adding there own bloat ware and generally slowing the phone down. My impression of the phone was much less with the Orange firmware.

So far after also 2 weeks of using the phone, these are the things I dislike and like about the phone.

Our likes:

  • The screen is very clear and very sharp. Black is really black, not a like grey. And white is white. (Not the iphones blueish white)
  • GPS lock is amazing fast, the fastest I have seen on a phone and it receives full signal for me even indoors!
  • Fast GUI with the snappy CPU and plenty of RAM.
  • RAM – lots of it you can run over 20 apps+
  • Audio quality, Mp3/Acc etc music playback is very good.
  • Video playback is very good, crisp and clear playback of many files. Xvids and DivX without any slow down.
  • Good battery life, we clocked almost 6 hours DivX video playback. Beat that iphone 😉
  • Camera takes great phones
  • Solid build quality, no a cheap feel

Our Dislikes:

  • Fingerprint magnet
  • Firmware is a little buggy. For example the S60 v5 web browser can lock up the whole phone. Need for official updates
  • No lens protector for the camera
  • Video audio is an AMR 8 Mhz codec. Poor quality. Why can’t we have say D1 res video with an improved audio codec?
  • Screen is not scratch proof glass.
  • Did not ship with a music remote style headset. (With next track, stop pause and play buttons)

We will go into the phone in more detail with a full review soon. But so far our rating out of 10 would be

On Orange’s Firmware

  • 8/10

Open market firmware (No operator logo’s or customisation)

  • 9/10
First Samsung i8910 Omnia HD review: Gets 9/10


have posted an excellent review of a final release Samsung i8910 Omnia HD. They gave the phone a high 9 out-of 10 review. A great review worth the read for Omnia HD fans.

The only negatives were its a finger print magnet (So is my i900 Omnia screen) and the voice quality during talk wasn’t so great. That’s a concern…

Well, here we are at the grand finale of our review on one of the most exciting cell phones as of now. The Samsung´s monster, the OMNIA HD i8910. We took a scrutinizing look at it, we used it to listen to music, talk, take pictures, capture and playback HD video content and it´s about time we passed out verdict. We have to admit that despite its size, it is one hell of an all-in-one, smart device. Aside from being the first cell phone capable of capturing and playback of nice quality HD video content, its 8-megapixel camera takes pictures with very good quality. The OMNIA HD sports an awesome 3.7-inch touch sensitive AMOLED screen and battery that lasts long. Still, the i8910 HD also has a few drawbacks. It simply loves fingerprints and discerning anything on the screen in direct sunlight is an uphill battle. The more annoying problem, however, relates to mediocre sound quality during talks. Anyway, we do believe it´s going to make it on the top 3 list of any high-tech buff and leave a lasting memory, simply because it sets a new standard on the all-in-one phone market.

Go on, Read the review and check out the sample video and photos!