Samsung i8910 firmware I8910XXII1 Photo + Video samples


Here is a new batch of sample photos and videos I took today based on the i8910XXII1 Italian firmware. These were taken whilst I was out on a quick sight seeing walk around the city. Also I don’t remember the panoramic photo mode being so easy! Samsung have tweaked with mode with a new GUI interface.  Its easy to come away with a great looking photo. Just check out my sample above and you’ll see for yourself. The photos are merged together almost perfectly.

*I will post some new night and indoor samples in a few days.

Firmware I8910XXII1 Photo sample gallery

(Quality reduced as they have been edited with only increased jpeg compression to reduce load times)

Video sample:

Full photo samples can be downloaded here – 25Mb

Full video sample 720p Mp4 – 31.5mb

Latest i8910 Omnia HD video Sample recorded on I8910TGYIH1

Here is a sample of the latest i8910 firmware 720p video, recorded on I8910TGYIH1. Which happens to be the latest known firmware release. Many of you were after a video sample in order to compare this to the Italian IG2 release. As you can see the video is more or less the same. It does stutter in the beginning a little. Dropping to 22fps. Just short of the 24fps advertised.

(Sorry about the jerking footage, my hand was shaking after 1 hour of Go-Karting)

i8910XXIG2 AAC Audio Codec test video

Here is our quick test video of the new aac codec audio in 720p video. Excuse the video quality. it was taken in a dark room and of a poor quality clip of Pulp fiction 🙂 But the point of it is to just test the audio qaulity.

Youtube might reduce the audio quality a little so here is the original clip for download:

Download: i8910XXIG2_AAC_audio_test.mp4

*EDIT – Since this post we have now added some 720p daytime samples for your review.

I8910 Omnia HD: A closer look at recorded movie audio.

The above video posted on youtube demonstrates the Samsung i8910 HD’s audio recording quality on 720p HD mode (well on all videos) Its using an AMR narrow band codec and its been the biggest complaint of the phone so far.

But judging from this sample, its not as bad as I had originally thought it was. Its not wonderful, but its also not unusable. Still it would be nicer if it was an AAC codec.

What do you think, is this recorded audio quality okay or just plain horrible?