I8910 HD Released in Italy / Unbranded I8910 unboxing vide

Some lucky Italian users have already got their hands on the i8910 HD, which apparently was just released in Italy. An under the radar release it seems. The i8910 HD was also released at a lower price of 499 Euros…Seems Orange are holding us to ransom with higher prices and play.com still have it listed at £529.99. Thats much mroe than 499 euros. Both models are the 8GB version. Still no word on a 16GB release.

The above video is of a user unboxing the i8910 HD. Notice the box doesn’t mention the word Omnia…

Samsung i8910 HD – Orange unboxing shots

Orange unboxing shots

It didn’t take too long before some photos of Orange’s contract Samsung i8910 Omnia HD box made it online for all to see. Reading recent user reports over the net its disappointing to note that Samsung shipped the Omnia HD with a video audio codec at the sampling rate of only 8Khz @ 128kbps. The result is muffled and distorted audio in recorded video. Very poor! I hope Samsung realise their mistake and will have a firmware update ready for release asap. At the moment this is the only major flaw, that *IS* fixable as its not hardware related but software.

Here’s the photos of Oranges released Samsung i8910:

*A word of warning to Ebay or online auction buyers. If users post these exact photos in there auction advertising they have the phone in stock ready to ship. Its a scam. Where going to see alot of scams trying to sell Omnia HD’s in a few day and using these photos. Just be careful and buy from a trustworhty online retailer. Remember if it sounds too good to be true, it is!