Latest i8910 Omnia HD Firmware I8910ZXIG4 tested
Samsung i8910 Omnia HD Firmware I8910ZXIG4

Samsung i8910 Omnia HD Firmware I8910ZXIG4 tested

Since the latest Italian firmware i8910XXIH1 or whatever it will be has been delayed, I have flash the most recent available firmware which is the generic Hong Kong branded firmware – I8910ZXIG4. This latest firmware has turned out to be a pleasant surprise.  As posted in our i8910 Omnia HD user forum I have tested I8910ZXIG4 and here are my findings:

Things I’ve noticed:

  • We now have letters on the dialer, unlike IG2. But still no quick way of bringing up contacts by keying the number that corresponds with the letter / name.
  • More free ram. Around 170mb free now just after a reset
  • Faster than i8910XXiG2
  • Supports 3 Chinese languages and English only. Will boot up in Chinese but you just change it to English.
  • Browser stop bug fixed. (That was also fixed in G3 I think!)
  • The S60 web browser, is faster and more responsive to touch. Must be a newer/better build Vs IG2.
  • Wifi works well. Even with low signal I can connect.
  • A few megabytes more of free C drive (36mb aprox phone memory)
  • 720p video is smoother. Other users have reported this too.
  • Improved battery life over
    the Italian
  • GPS lock is the same as IG2 – Very fast and I can get full strength GPS signal even indoors.

Negatives of this


  • No games installed. I guess they had no Chinese versions. No biggie for me as the games were just trials anyway.

So if your impatient like I am and can’t wait for further delayes to the newest Italian IH* firmware. I suggest users give this firmware a go!

You can download the firmware here: Firmware i8910ZXIG4 Opinions and Discussion

And here is our tutorial on how to flash your i8910 Omnia HD using windows XP: