Petition for Samsung to improve i8910 Omnia HD firmware

samsung i8910 report

While we have had our fair share of improvements via custom firmware as of late, some would say Samsung haven’t done enough to address the issues in the current release firmware. Or look at perhaps porting Android over to the i8910. Give users the option of the buying the phone with either two operating systems. Android or Symbian. Sounds like a good idea right?

Well forum user Anphase has decidid to take this up with Samsung, he’s posted an online petition. Asking for Samsung to improve on the firmware and looking at a possible Andriod port for the phone. There are over two thousand signatures now and if you think Samsung should focus on the i8910 and its firmware why not check out the forum post. While your at it sign the petition too.

Anphase has also done some hard work, writting up a huge report with photos on the issues with the phone and its current firmware. One of the larger ones being the 720p HD video isn’t its advertised 24fps. Its more or less 22 fps or less at times. Us i8910 users are slightly disappointed in.

Forum thread for Samsung Petition to improve firmware.

Samsung i8910 Omnia HD Petition, Please sign..