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While the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD is still a top mobile phone and still going strong thanks to all the custom firmware we have had over the past year. But Its hard to ignore Samsung’s new Android top dog, the Samsung Galaxy S. We have just recently launched our Samsung Galaxy S Forum and our new Galaxy S Users website covering the latest on this new mobile.

If your unaware why this phone is so special, its one of the first Samsung mobiles to to feature the new technology Super AMOLED screen and 1Ghz hummingbird processor. Its much clearer and brighter than our i8910 HD Amoled screen. And its packed in a slim 9.9 mm body with a nice 4 inches of screen to enjoy. And it records 720p video at 30fps, not 22-23fps. So if you are thinking of switching in the future to this mobile, why not join us?

Samsung Galaxy S Forum & Samsung i9000 Galaxy S Users

P.S No I haven’t given up on the i8910 HD yet. I’ll still use it.