I8910 Omnia HD Firmware / i8910 HD Custom Firmware
Samsung i8910 HD debranding. i8910 HD Product codes.

Samsung i8910 HD debranding. i8910 HD Firmware.

Samsung I8910 Omnia HD Official Firmware Downloads, for info on how the firmware versioning works. Please see this thread: How Samsung firmware versioning (codes) work . Our tutorial on how to flash / debrand your I8910 HD is here: How to flash and debrand your Samsung i8910

Custom Firmware

(Custom firmware is tweaked user firmware with extra features like improved speed or 720p video)

Original Samsung firmware.

(Original Firmware Samsung have released, please refer to the version codes for localisations)

I8910UCHNII4_Generic_China.rar (11 Nov 09) 129.4 Mb
i8910-I8910XEII1.zip 132.7 Mb
XEII1-Generic_Russia.rar 119.9 Mb
I8910_Generic_Russia_XEII1.rar 120.6 Mb
I8910_Generic_Kong_Kong_ZXII1.rar 117.7 Mb
I8910_Generic_Italy_XXII1.rar 123.6 Mb
I8910_Generic_Hong_Kong_ZXIH2.rar 117.7 Mb
I8910SERII2.rar 119.9 Mb
I8910-ZXII1-Generic_Hong_Kong.rar 117.6 Mb
I8910-ZCII3-Generic_China.rar 124.0 Mb
I8910-XXII1-Generic_Italy.rar 123.6 Mb
I8910-XXIE4-Generic_Sweden.rar 114.9 Mb
I8910-XXIE4-Generic_Netherlands.rar 114.7 Mb
I8910-XXIE4-Generic_Italy.rar 121.9 Mb
I8910-XXIE4-DBT_Germany.rar 115.8 Mb
I8910-XEIG2-Generic_Latvia.rar 119.2 Mb
I8910-XEIF4-Generic_Russia.rar 121.8 Mb
I8910-JVIF2-Generic_United_Arab_Emirates.rar 115.9 Mb
I8910-DXIG2-Generic_Malaysia.rar 117.4 Mb
I8910-BVIE4-ORA_Orange_United_Kingdom.rar 120.0 Mb
I8910-BVIE4-IDE_Orange_Poland.rar 118.0 Mb
New official i8910 firmware update released – Italia
New Official firmware update released via Updater

New Official firmware update released via Updater

Its finally out, the official firmware update every i8910 owner has been waiting for. This update now features the latest bug fixes, as well as the implementation of the 3D task manager as post earlier. Its more or less the same as the Russian II2 release.

In order to update you must be on the Italian firmware, then run the Samsung software updater that came with the PC suite.

I8910SERII2 Firmware released. 3D task manager added!
3D task manager is now in firmware I8910SERII2

3D task manager is now in firmware I8910SERII2

Thanks to our forum member Digitalhell we had the chance to test I8910SERII2 Firmware today. This firmware is dated 3rd of September 09 so is brand new. While its localised for the Russian market, It is unbranded and contains English. (all i8910 firmwares have English in them by default) But this is the firmware people have been waiting for I think. The 3d task manager is now included and can be run by holding down the menu key. (See the screen shot above of the task manager)

What we can report on that’s new from our testing:

  • 3D task manager added, (Something the Italian IH* firmware promised)
  • Browser stop bug removed – This was present in IG2
  • Full landscape Qwerty keyboard has been slightly improved (a few mm’s more spacing) Its much better!!
  • Around 145mb free ram now. The new task Manager uses about 20 mb

The Official change log has been added here: Samsung i8910 Firmware i8910SERII2 changelog Thanks to  sev7en

I8910SERII2 Firmware screenshot gallery:

Latest i8910 Omnia HD Firmware I8910ZXIG4 tested
Samsung i8910 Omnia HD Firmware I8910ZXIG4

Samsung i8910 Omnia HD Firmware I8910ZXIG4 tested

Since the latest Italian firmware i8910XXIH1 or whatever it will be has been delayed, I have flash the most recent available firmware which is the generic Hong Kong branded firmware – I8910ZXIG4. This latest firmware has turned out to be a pleasant surprise.  As posted in our i8910 Omnia HD user forum I have tested I8910ZXIG4 and here are my findings:

Things I’ve noticed:

  • We now have letters on the dialer, unlike IG2. But still no quick way of bringing up contacts by keying the number that corresponds with the letter / name.
  • More free ram. Around 170mb free now just after a reset
  • Faster than i8910XXiG2
  • Supports 3 Chinese languages and English only. Will boot up in Chinese but you just change it to English.
  • Browser stop bug fixed. (That was also fixed in G3 I think!)
  • The S60 web browser, is faster and more responsive to touch. Must be a newer/better build Vs IG2.
  • Wifi works well. Even with low signal I can connect.
  • A few megabytes more of free C drive (36mb aprox phone memory)
  • 720p video is smoother. Other users have reported this too.
  • Improved battery life over
    the Italian
  • GPS lock is the same as IG2 – Very fast and I can get full strength GPS signal even indoors.

Negatives of this


  • No games installed. I guess they had no Chinese versions. No biggie for me as the games were just trials anyway.

So if your impatient like I am and can’t wait for further delayes to the newest Italian IH* firmware. I suggest users give this firmware a go!

You can download the firmware here: Firmware i8910ZXIG4 Opinions and Discussion

And here is our tutorial on how to flash your i8910 Omnia HD using windows XP:

i8910XXIG2 AAC Audio Codec test video

Here is our quick test video of the new aac codec audio in 720p video. Excuse the video quality. it was taken in a dark room and of a poor quality clip of Pulp fiction 🙂 But the point of it is to just test the audio qaulity.

Youtube might reduce the audio quality a little so here is the original clip for download:

Download: i8910XXIG2_AAC_audio_test.mp4

*EDIT – Since this post we have now added some 720p daytime samples for your review.

Firmware update i8910XXIG2 – Audio codec fix. Releas
i8910XXIG2 firmware update released

i8910XXIG2 firmware update released

Edit: See our uploaded i8910XXIG2 test video for proof of how much better the AAC coded really is on 720p video.

Yes Firmware update i8910xxig2 has been released over the Samsung updater service. So if your after the latest firmware with the latest improvements to battery life and video will now have the AAC codec instead of the AMR codec. There is one catch, you’ll have to be on an Italian unbranded firmware for the samsung updater to work at this stage. This is till Samsung release this update across the global.

Orange users will have to debrand. Our guide to do this is here: Samsung i8910 Omnia HD Debrand tutorial

Our forum also has plenty of info on this. 2mnyshp’s guide on how to get IG2 firmware with video audio fix.

Once the IG2 firmware ROM’s are made public for manual flashing we will have those up for you all to debrand directly to IG2.


Some new widgets have been added

Some new widgets have been added

Firmware update i8910xxig2. Fix 720p audio to AAC
New Official update to fix 720p audio codec to AAC

New Official update to fix 720p audio codec to AAC.

Samsung will soon have a major official firmware update available for Samsung i8910 Omnia HD users, this update will bring us a much needed general update. Which will focus on improved battery life, general speed improvements, new widgets and new games and applications. But biggest fix of all for most users is Samsung will replace the AMR audio codec (which plagued the 720p audio) with a much better AAC audio codec.

As you can see from the media info screenshot above, taken by a German tester of the new firmware. The 720p video is at 24fps, while audio is now a AAC codec, 32000 Hz 16000 Hz, mono @ 512kbs 256kbs (bitrate). Which isn’t too bad. This should give us good audio quality.

Edit: We have since seen a video recorded on the new firmware. And the properties state:

Video: MPEG4 Video 1280×720 [Video]
Audio: AAC 16000Hz mono 256Kbps [Audio]

Download the sample to see for yourself:

http://rapidshare.com/files/251897008/Video009.mp4 or

Interesting to note that its 2 channel, does this mean Samsung are not only using the Mic just above the camera lens (That’s the dedicated video mic). but also the microphone for voice calls too? To record stereo?

Samsung Omnia HD The development of new software version is complete. The quality checks, which are always performed for each new version, have been launched and will end within a week. Soon after, you can upgrade the terminal through PC Studio 7. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. We are confident however that the result will live up to expectations.

We think the update will be either i8910xxig2 or i8910xeig2

Thanks to cinek from our forums for the info.

We will post asap when we either have the update or the official update is live over the Samsung phone updater.

Newest Firmware I8910XEIF4 available to Flash.
i8910 Firmware I8910XEIF4

Samsung i8910 Omnia HD Firmware I8910XEIF4

Thanks to our forum member Pavel, we now have the latest i8910 firmware files available in our forum. The latest is I8910XEIF4, although this is Russian Generic firmware. It does support English and is unbranded (No operator logos or customisation). We also have Spanish firmware available now for any users after Spanish on their i8910 HD. (By the way these are free and not from paid firmware sites)

I’ve flashed I8910XEIF4 can report the following changes:

  • New apps installed like Utalk (No idea what this is), Russian GPS navigation demo.
  • Web browser is more stable. I used it for 20 minutes and it did not crash on pages IE6 did !!
  • Camera photos seem tweaked? I can’t prove it but it seems better in some situations.
  • Video still records audio via AMR codec 🙁
  • Signal strength seems the same
  • 151 Mb free ram
  • Audio-pausing bug Fixed
  • YouTube has been added to Communities
  • Battery life: I will report back my findings after a full charge and will see how long it last.

Download Samsung i8910 Omnia HD firmware & i8910 HD Firmware flashing tool

*Note these are not official firmware releases, debranding your phone could void your warrenty!